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Clinton / Bleibler (CYIN)

Direct Approach congratulates Clinton / Bleibler aerodrome (CYIN) on the successful flight check of their new RNAV (GNSS) RWY 11 instrument approach. On May 9th the new straight-in GNSS approach was flown and all aspects of the approach were confirmed. … Continue reading

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Nav Canada – Level of Service policy review – Instrument approach services

Nav Canada has initiated a level of Service policy review of how it develops and more importantly maintains instrument approaches and departures in Canada. The link to their notice is: http://www.navcanada.ca/DirectRoute/Story_9_en.html All Restricted Instrument Approaches (RIPs) in Canada are currently … Continue reading

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Sturgeon Falls – West Nipissing General Hospital

Direct Approach recently completed a periodic review of the COPTER RNAV (GNSS) 193° instrument approach to the West Nipissing General Hospital helipad at Sturgeon Falls, Ontario. All sponsored instrument approaches in Canada, regardless if they are published in the Canada … Continue reading

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