Golden, BC

CYGE – Golden, BC
Regulatory Review

On Feb 02, 2011 Direct Approach completed the regulatory review flight check of the RNAV (GNSS) B approach for Golden, BC.

Restricted approaches in Canada are those which do not meet the standard TP308 design standards. These approaches are published in the Restricted Canada Air Pilot (R-CAP). An R-CAP approach can often provide an operational benefit when using a steeper than normal missed approach climb gradient. This does not imply that a restricted approach is less safe than a TP308 compliant approach. It does mean however that due to the special circumstances the use of that procedure is limited to authorized users only.

Transport Canada requires that restricted approaches must be fully reviewed and flight checked again every four years to ensure continued safety.

The Golden RNAV (GNSS) B approach is a restricted version of the public and TP308 compliant RNAV(GNSS) A approach. The difference is generally in the vertical whereby the “B” approach achieves a lower minimum descent altitude (MDA) by using a steeper than normal missed approach climb. Being missed approach limited is common for approaches in mountainous areas.

The current regulatory review and update completed by Direct Approach resulted in a slightly realigned final segment and missed approach track. This was the result of an analysis of the previous final segment alignment, as well as new information with respect to Class F blasting area airspace.

As a result of the regulatory review and successful flight check, Direct Approach Consulting is able to ensure the continued viability and safety of the Golden RNAV (GNSS) B instrument approach.