Revelstoke, BC

CYRV – Revelstoke, BC

On Feb 02, 2011 Direct Approach completed the flight check of a new RNAV (GNSS) approach for Revelstoke, BC. This approach was commissioned by the Columbia Shuswap Regional District to provide improved all weather air access.

Revelstoke airport is located deep in the Arrow Lakes valley. Surrounded by very high terrain to over 10,000 ft in elevation, this approach proved to be an extreme challenge and proves the value and versatility of GNSS for instrument approaches.

The new “RNAV (GNSS) A” instrument approach will be submitted for publication in the Restricted Canada Air Pilot (R-CAP). The circling only approach has a minimum descent altitude (MDA) of 4380 ft above sea level, which is still 2925 ft above the runway elevation. The very high approach minimums reflect the very challenging terrain and runway location, and compares to other sites such as Castlegar, BC. 

Future improvements in GNSS technology and anticipated changes in instrument approach design criteria will likely bring some relief and provide for slightly lower approach limits. It is anticipated that Transport Canada will soon authorize the use of FAA Doc 8260.54A design criteria. The narrower GNSS “LP” (Localizer Performance) final segment, combined with the narrower and more flexible missed approach area should provide operational gains for sites like Revelstoke. However, air operators will need to be equipped and authorized to use these enhanced approaches.

In addition to helping provide emergency air ambulance service, the approach will also provided improved access for outdoor enthusiasts. Revelstoke Mountain Resort ( ) is home to some of the finest skiing in the region.

Direct Approach was glad to be able to assist the Shuswap Regional District and Revelstoke in the design of their new GNSS instrument approach.


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