Nav Canada – Level of Service policy review – Instrument approach services

Nav Canada has initiated a level of Service policy review of how it develops and more importantly maintains instrument approaches and departures in Canada. The link to their notice is:

All Restricted Instrument Approaches (RIPs) in Canada are currently maintained under contractual service agreements. Historically Nav Canada has been maintaining the instrument approaches and departures that are published in the Canada Air Pilot (CAP) without charge for that service.

It is quite likely that as a result of this LOS review, sites that do not meet Nav Canada’s specific level of service threshold, as determined by Nav Canada, will be required to have a pay-for-services contract in place to provide ongoing maintenance, and conduct the full cyclic review for all CAP approaches and departures. By regulation, these reviews are required every four years. That maintenance contract could be with either Nav Canada, or a company like Direct Approach.

While Direct Approach would be more than happy to provide those approach maintenance services, we also realize that this will have a financial impact on the airports, towns, local air carriers, non-scheduled and corporate flight operators, resource companies, or any other stakeholder needing these IFR procedures. That is why Direct Approach wanted to make sure you were aware of these changes, and to make sure the stakeholders are aware of these change, and have the opportunity to voice their concerns to Nav Canada as part of the LOS review process.

Direct Approach would be pleased to offer any assistance, or answer any questions you may have about the process in general. Please feel to contact us at 604-970-2527, or by e-mail at


CBBC – Reviewed GNSS approach


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Direct Approach Consulting Inc. Designers of instrument aprpoach and departure procedures in accordance with ICAO Doc 8168 (PANS-OPS), FAA 8260.3 (TERPS) and Transport Canada TP308. GNSS, Helicopter approach and mountainous approach experts. Contact us to see how we can improve your operational air access and improve air safety.
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