South Cariboo Regional Airport – 108 Mile Ranch

Direct Approach has designed, successfully flight checked,
and submitted new GPS approaches and departures for the South Cariboo Regional

To properly design new instrument flight procedures to serve
the best interests of our clients, Direct Approach must consider many factors.
In the case of 108 Mile Ranch, a comprehensive survey of the Obstacle
Limitation Surface (OLS) areas identified that there were obstacles that
penetrated the Non-instrument OLS. By regulation this meant that the approaches
could only be published in the Restricted Canada Air Pilot (R-CAP) and not the
CAP. Therefore only commercial operators could fly IFR approaches at the 108
Mile Ranch airport, and the existing NDB/DME approach would need to be moved
from the CAP to R-CAP.

Direct Approach provided guidance to the South Cariboo
Regional District to ensure they would meet the appropriate OLS clearances and
thereby ensure both their new and current approaches and departures were eligible
for CAP publication.

The new RNAV (GNSS) RWY 15 and RNAV (GNSS) RWY 33
approaches, as well as the new ALTAG and MIBTI RNAV (GNSS) Departures, are expected
to be published 25 August 2011.

About Direct Approach

Direct Approach Consulting Inc. Designers of instrument aprpoach and departure procedures in accordance with ICAO Doc 8168 (PANS-OPS), FAA 8260.3 (TERPS) and Transport Canada TP308. GNSS, Helicopter approach and mountainous approach experts. Contact us to see how we can improve your operational air access and improve air safety.
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